Getting Electric with Lettuce in Eugene

by Lauren Short

“I can’t wait to dance,” said an older woman from the crowd as she leaned up against the barriers. “I drove all the way from Cave Junction to hear this music!” Another woman in the crowd nodded to agree. Bright lights washed over the dark crowd as the band began to step on stage, and waves of excitement echoed with applause. It was clear that Eugene came to party, and Lettuce was prepared to deliver.

McDonald Theatre was packed from top to bottom, full of fans who traveled far and wide to UNIFY over some good music. The powerful funk songs were evenly matched by a colorful and exciting light show that you couldn’t help but get lost in. It was truly an electric evening, as the room was filled with dancing feet and grinning faces.

Though my favorite song “Trapezoid” didn’t make the set list, I thoroughly enjoyed the new album. The energy in the room was vibrant, upbeat, and radiated the positive vibes that are clearly embedded into each and every song.

Thank you to Lettuce and the McDonald Theatre for such an unforgettable evening.

Lauren Short is the Creative Director of Highlite, a media and marketing agency that specializes in stand out engagement and impressions. She covers topics on Eugene news and updates, entrepreneurship, marketing, current events and pop culture. She can be reached at

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