Happy Valentine’s Day from HIGHLITE

by Lauren Short

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Though this is typically a Hallmark type of holiday that is made to make us feel that we need to be in a relationship and experiencing romantic dinners, I feel we can use this day to commemorate all the love we have in our lives instead. Let’s turn today into another version of Thanksgiving by being grateful and valuing the support we have in our lives.

I started HIGHLITE maybe six months ago after having my hard work and employment ripped from under me. I was full of ambition, frustration, and determination to make something of myself. Eugene is such a beautiful place with so much hidden opportunity all around. I feel so lucky that my life choices brought great people from Eugene into my life who support me and give me the words of encouragement I need to do this journey.

HIGHLITE was created to truly help bring more power and life into the branding for small businesses in Eugene. So much greatness has been born in this town, and I take a lot of pride in growing up here. I thought it was important to create a publication that can help spread more positivity and showcase some of the great, unique elements that truly contribute to our community.

I love you, Eugene! I truly do. Thank you for your support. Thank you for reading. Thank you for contributing. And thank you for allowing space for me and others to thrive. I promise to continue to do all that I can to support you in return and to help the world recognize just how beautiful of a community this is.

Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you feel supported, encouraged, and loved all day just as you have made me feel.

Lauren Short is the Creative Director of Highlite, a media and marketing agency that specializes in stand out engagement and impressions. She covers topics on Eugene news and updates, entrepreneurship, marketing, current events and pop culture. She can be reached at highliteagency@gmail.com.

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