HIGHLITE is looking to expand its team to fill a variety of roles. We are (currently) a small, remote agency that is growing rapidly. If a position listed below calls to you but you don’t have experience, don’t be afraid to apply regardless! HIGHLITE takes pride is being uniquely forward and understands that most things can be learned. Passion when given the opportunity is irreplaceable.

HIGHLITE is dedicated to trying our best, being honest, loyal to our clients, and trying to do the right thing no matter what. We are committed to being good people and hope to inspire positive change in the community. We are bold, different, take risks, and learn from our failures. Diversity makes us thrive and we want to open doors for others to succeed. We hope to connect with more creatives, strategists, and warriors out there to make this happen.

Be part of the change, apply today. Send a resume, any relevant work samples, and a brief statement why you are interested in this role. Please have job title as email subject line and send it to


Social Architects use conscious design through a variety of environments to inspire behavioral patterns that lead towards achieving a particular goal. At HIGHLITE, a Social Architect fulfills the role of a Social Media Manager, Community Outreach Manager, Marketing Strategist, and more. To qualify for this position, you must be able to plan, design, copy write, and manage a creative project. This role is paid on a monthly per project salaried basis, starting at $500/client.


Media Agents are essentially Account Executives who help generate more clients to HIGHLITE for marketing and advertising services and make sure all current clients are happy. Agents are responsible for outreach, account management, the selling and planning for advertising on TV, radio, geo-targeting digital advertising, billboards, and really any media platform that makes sense for the client. Agents are responsible for communicating client goals and creative to media companies on the clients behalf. They are also responsible for selling HIGHLITE’s marketing services. This is a commission based role, paying 20 % for anything sold.


HIGHLITE is in need of photographers and videographers. Must have own equipment and be able to take photos or videos for client creative and to be used in the digital publication. Editing skills and video production preferred. This is a project based role, paying either flat rates per project or $20/hour depending on experience, along with a PRESS pass for exclusive events. Please submit work samples when applying.


This is a fun role for someone who likes to make big things happen behind the scenes. Intelligence at HIGHLITE are incredibly important, as they keep a pulse on what’s happening and necessary for people to know. Tasks include being active on client social media accounts to generate engagement and boost visibility, keep an eye on upcoming trends on and offline, and adding community events to our Event Calendar. This pays $20/hour and exclusive community engagement training.


A visionary is someone who sees the world differently and uses digital art as a means to share that with everyone. HIGHLITE is in need of graphic designers to help our clients dreams come to life. Projects could include document design, website building, graphic design, advertising creation. Must have access to Photoshop, Illustrator or design program most comfortable using. This is a project based role or pays $20/hour depending on experience. Please submit work samples and mention your favorite types of projects to work on when applying.


Scribes have a way with their words and know how to make other visualize other worlds through they work. HIGHLITE is in need of copywriters to join our team to help create compelling social media captions, search engine friendly and interesting blog posts, and copy for websites and other projects. This is a project based role or pays $20/hour. Please submit work samples when applying and mention your favorite things to write about.


HIGHLITE is looking to expand its digital publication and is need of journalists to help cover the Eugene, Oregon area on a variety of topics. Looking for help with local news, crime reporting, area development (new businesses), concerts/live music,TV/movies, cooking, local bars and restaurants, arts and entertainment, BLM, LGBTQ+, cannabis and plant based medicine, spirituality and mindfulness, politics, comedy, and more! This currently is an unpaid role but would allow the opportunity for self promotion and a means to expose your work to the local community. You would receive a PRESS PASS, feature on the Masthead, and we would work to help get you into events and happenings to cover. Please submit some work samples and mention what you are most interesting in writing about.